Greetings, everyone! My name is Salim someone who likes to write about the world of medicine. First of all I would like to thank everyone who had stopped into this blog .. I hope you get the benefits that I gave in my writing in this blog.

I was a public health physician who where now I'm opening practice. I underwent my business is enough to make me jump in and wrestled there a 100% full.

I feel where science for which I learned in college and the school was silent without any benefit in the knowledge that I have. and is quite annoying me as a professional in this field. where throughout Indonesia are still many areas that need a doctor's hands to help their health problems. Until today I decided to create this blog, so that they are a great benefit to the Indonesian people in the entire country.

In this blog I will provide detailed information about the large number of illnesses. such as Stroke, Diabetes, High Blood, Vertigo, Tbc and many more that I will pour more information on the health sector.

I do not sell drugs or offer drugs. here I just pengtetahuan share knowledge that will later be used as insight to communities across Indonesia. For those of you who want information about a disease, do not hesitate to send a message to my account G +

 In the end I will explain to you about what's inside this blog. you can read in detail about berbagam kinds of clinical disease in the world of medicine. in every article I will provide information about the disease, not the way out, the drug, or an alternative way to treat it. But I will concentrate on the explanation and how to anticipate and anticipate the arrival of the disease exacerbate the disease by providing advice that is based on the science of medicine in the world that I know.

Recently all thank you for your visit to this blog. Hopefully you get the benefits for your health and for your school assignments and lectures. Healthy Doctor Salim Salam.