Kidney maintained to keep it healthy

Kidney maintained to keep it healthy ~ How To Stay Healthy Keeping Kidneys, kidney health problem becomes one of the main issues that need more attention today, given the list of the various problems of kidney disease in this country are increasingly alarming. So that attention to the kidneys should increasingly be considered, given the important role of the kidneys for the health of one's body.

Kidneys are important organs that are in the body and is located at the rear of the stomach or abdomen. Its position is on the right and left of the spine, below the liver and spleen. Kidney organ in humans is choose a shape that is almost similar to peanuts and has a concave side that leads into and weighs approximately 0.45 percent of the total weight.

How To Maintain Kidney To Stay Healthy
How To Maintain Kidney To Stay Healthy
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Actually, what the kidney function, so it is considered an essential organ for the body? Kidney is one of the main organ that is important because it has a function to balance the chemicals present in the blood and keep the blood circulation in order to remain clean by removing the remnants of metabolism and excess fluid in the body. If renal function is compromised, then the metabolic waste in the body can not be issued and will become toxic to the body.

Many people are paying less attention this kidney, whereas this organ has a very important role. So that each person would have to know how well the kidneys stay healthy and function optimally in the body. If renal maintained their health then the metabolic waste and excess fluid that can be toxic can be removed and the body will stay healthy.

Tips and How To Maintain Kidney To Stay Healthy
You certainly need to know a few ways and lifestyle in order to keep the kidneys healthy and functioning properly, as quoted from the site Boldsky, below are some ways to stay healthy kidneys maintain. Consider the full description!

1.) Sports
Exercise is a healthy habit that must be one of the main runtin do. In addition to exercising a person's risk of kidney disease can be lowered. This is because when the exercise can change the way the body handles nutrients and fluids that affect the kidneys. At the time of exercising the sweat that comes out of the body more and someone will be more likely to drink more water so as to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

2.) Control Diet
You should be able to control the diet by not eating foods that use preservatives and packaged foods that may, if consumed in the long term will lead to problems with your health, including kidney function.

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3.) Maintain Blood Pressure
Kidney damage can also be caused by the presence of hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to heart organ to work harder than usual, and in the time period long enough to cause damage to blood vessels in the body. If the blood vessels are damaged blood vessels in the kidney, the kidney function will be impaired.

4.) Drinking Water
Kidney order to function properly, do not forget to consume water with enough every day. By consuming enough water each day, the kidney function will be better protected from the various metabolic waste buildup that can lead to the emergence of kidney stones.

5.) Maintain Blood Sugar
Blood sugar levels should be maintained in order not to make the work more severe renal function. When impaired renal function, the kidneys will not perform its functions optimally. Blood sugar should be controlled because if the blood sugar is too high it will result in the kidneys filter too much blood, so if it happens continuously, kidney function will decline and there is a leak in the filter that is on the kidney.

6.) Stop Mer0kok
Mer0kok is something that must be avoided to keep the body healthy. Even mer0kok also can interfere with kidney function. If someone mer0kok, the blood flow to various organs in the body will be slow and, if already suffering from kidney disease, the kidney function will worsen.

7.) Do Consuming Drugs
There are many foods and beverages that can be toxic to the kidneys. Therefore, you are required to keep what is consumed so that the kidney function will remain under optimal circumstances. Some beverages to avoid include soda, and some products alk0hol energy drinks that have high calories would interfere with kidney function in the long term.

8.) Medical Tests
Medical tests need to be done regularly if you have aged more than 30 years. You can consult a variety of health problems, especially to ensure that your kidneys remain in a healthy state. In addition, family history of kidney disease should also be considered.

Above is an article about 8 Tips and How To Stay Healthy Keeping Kidneys, with the information above it can be concluded that a healthy lifestyle is very important to become a habit. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just a kidney only that will continue to function optimally but throughout other organs will be maintained health.

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Please also note the kidneys every day have to filter about 200 liters of blood in the body, of course, this is not a small amount and requires optimal function. So by knowing an important role in the body's kidneys, keeping the kidneys to stay healthy is to be performed by everyone. Let's start with health care with a healthy lifestyle every day. Maintain your health and Salam Healthy!