create a subdomain for blogs


If you intend to create a blog with own domain name (. Com,., or other) and want to use blogger / blogspot as a berth hosting (custom domain) then there are some that must be observed langakah for setting custom domain in blogger. one of them is the setting or the Domain Name Server is often called control. to get the control you would normally cost extra, but do not be concerned because there are services that provide free control.

these services can you be in why I recommend this because the site has become a site direkomendsikan by bloggers. so it must be accepted if in use for custom domain in blogger. because it is very necessary before setting a custom domain name on blogger then the first step you should take is to create a domain name server / Dns. if you do not already have an account at dnspark then immediately make an account. if you are confused, follow these steps I will describe for your convenience ..

1. If you do not already have an account at dnspark km to the list at https: / /
2. after registration by filling in the data is logged immediately.
3. after you login to get control then select Select the "DNS Hosting" (on the left). Then select "Add Domains"
4.Beri check the box "DNS Hosting - Free" and Fill in your domain name that you have bought ready (purchased) in the column "Enter new domain" (without the www).
5. After filling in these fields then click the "Add Now"
6. If successful then domainmu name will appear on "Domain List" * lower left corner *
7. To make further settings then click on your domain name listed earlier
8. In the Dropdown "Type" select "CNAME".
9. In the column "Alias Name" should fill www, in fact it can be filled anything, tp to the main domain should be filled with "www" (once you are ready to create a subdomain you can make it by entering another name in the "alias name"
10. Then to fill destination name (for blogspot).
11. udah deh nah done live click the "Update All"

finished already making DNS or domain name servers, for which already have a "Managed DNS" itself in the domain, how settingnya is as follows:
- Login to the "Managed DNS" then Select "CNAME Records"
- Then click the "Add CNAME Records"
- For the "Host Name" is filled with "www"
- For the column "Value" select reply and fill the bottom with ""
- Then Click the "Add record" for setting custom domain in blogger

The next step before you go into settings in blogger custom domain is:
SETTING NS (NAME SERVER) for which already has a "Mange DNS Service" itself in the steps of domain is not necessary. But if you use DNS services from Manger, then you must change the "Name Server" on domain manager you do is:

1. Log on where you buy a domain name then select the "My Account"
2. If you have then you will be in "admin area" domainmu.
3. Select the "Domain -\u003e List Last 10"
4. Domain you will look at the "List of Domain"
5. Click on the link "Domain Name -\u003e Click to Manage"
6 next click the "Modify Name Server".
7 Fill in the following name server
into the column "Name Server1, Server2 Name, Name Server3, Server4 Name, Name Server5" then click the "Submit"

Ok .. to complete the custom setting sayarat domain in blogger has done. living doing bloggernya settings. way is as follows:

1. the first blogger login.
2. Select the menu "Settings -\u003e Publishing" (the blog that will in use for a custom domain)
3. then click Switch to: Custom Domain
4. then click again the link Already own a domain name? Switch to advanced settings
5. and just fill your blog's name in the column "Your Domain" try not to forget to include "www"
6. terettt .. completed and "Save Settings"

setting custom domain in blogger is complete. Oh yes, if there are no errors in this setting it charging your domain will be active after 1 x 24 hours, even more, so I suggest that you be patient

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