Never Give Up Dude, All Come From Zero

Never Give Up Dude, All Come From Zero, if interpreted in the Indonesian language means more or less like this "Never Give Up People, All Starting from zero".
As a blogger beginners who are new to the virtual world, the slogan above the origin of the English language is definitely very motivating me, especially in the blogging world that I am studying now.
Success is something you are looking for looking for all people including me, but to be a success, not as easy as reversing the palm of hand, because success was perlu patience, it takes time, and one of them is required jika failure never give up and stay motivated. because we must realize that no human is perfect, everything starts from zero besar.dan that brought them into a success is hard work and never give up.

Never Give Up Dude, All Come From Zero This is the slogan of which was released by a blogger who started his career in duni blogging from nol.Namun kesebaran thanks to hard work and never give up and have a principle, now he can enjoy the benefits rather than blogging,

Probably as a blogger beginners or still less understanding about the ins beluknya internet business, will be a lot of questions like the following.

1.Benarkah can make money blogging?
2.Siapa who will pay us.?
3.Barang what is sold so they can make money, while the store does not even have one?

Actually it might be rich from the internet, provided you try really, hard work, and do not be a wrong move.

But to answer the three questions above, maybe I will not explain here, you try it yourself on google search, lots of articles about Internet business thorough peeling which certainly makes sense and it is completely true yield,

But what I suggest here is important to work hard and never give up when you want to try to find sustenance in the virtual world with the blogging medium.
You succeeded in not required, because no human sustenance ngatur, sustenance is a matter of god, but you are obliged to work hard and never give up, or Never Give Up Dude, All Come From Zero.